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Impact Roasters


Impact Roasters

Country: Denmark

Impact Roasters is much more than just about coffee beans. It is full of coffee culture and heritage. And remembering your roots, just like the traditional Ethiopian coffee culture suggests. 

Your coffee has made a long personal journey until you enjoy its rich flavors in your home. Our premium Ethiopian coffee is directly imported from small scale farmers in Ethiopia,  and roasted by us in Copenhagen. At Impact Roasters we roast on a weekly basis, like this we can ensure the best roast quality and taste experience of our coffee. 

Our Premium Ethiopian coffee is directly imported from South Ethiopia and roasted by us in Copenhagen. Every cup of Impact coffee you buy empowers and supports local development in Ethiopia.

Whether you are a small or big business looking for a great coffee experience, our team will work and collaborate with you to create the best possible coffee profile that will make your business stand out.






Mellemtoftevej 1A 2500 Valby