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Country: Canada


Diesel House Coffee Roasters was founded in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, in 2009 by best friends John English and Todd Willford. The idea for opening a roastery was sparked by John’s desire to supply his cafes (Olivers Coffee Corp) with his own freshly roasted beans, and the name came from Todd, who for years referred to his morning coffee as his cup of “Diesel.” Within the first year of business, Diesel House was producing high- quality coffee and creating truly unique and delicious blends that would win over the taste buds of people in Muskoka and pretty much anyone who tried it. Their coffee is now primarily sold in grocery stores around Muskoka, small cafes, and health food stores in cities across Ontario.

2017 - PRESENT

In 2017, John’s son, Matthew, moved to Muskoka with aspirations of growing the company and learning all about the coffee roasting business. His interest and passion for coffee date back to over a decade ago when he got his first job as a barista, and he still strives to continually learn more about the complex and delicious beverage enjoyed by so many.

Today, Diesel House is a family-owned and operated business, with Matthew running most of the company’s operations with his best friend, Shawn, of nearly 12 years. Together, the two of them share the unwavering commitment to reach their goal of getting their superbly fresh and delicious product into the hands of many more coffee lovers in Canada and abroad.






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