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Coastal Coffee


Coastal Coffee

Country: Canada

Coastal Coffee: in Pursuit of Premium Coffees of the World

Ben and Bri Gingerich are passionate about sharing their love of coffee with Ontario's West Coast.

Whether you are enjoying a cup of crazy fresh coffee at a local farmers market, purchasing beans from a retail outlet or stopping by the roastery for a tour or tasting, Coastal Coffee cares about offering an unparalleled experience in every cup.  

Coastal Coffee is here to serve the coastline crazy fresh, ethically sustainable and artisan roasted coffee. We’ve got the good stuff. 

When you buy Coastal Coffee, you are supporting local small businesses who are passionate about serving the highest quality products available. You are also supporting sustainable coffee production around the globe and our international farmers and friends.  





86252 Kintail Line, Goderich, ONTARIO, Canada N7A 3X9