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Country: Germany

In our roastery we only process selected, sustainably and fairly purchased coffees. Because without healthy nature and satisfied farmers, there cannot be good coffee for our customers and guests. In our 15 kilo drum roaster, we gently roast all of our coffees at around 200 ° C in order to create the best taste experience for you.

We use all our experience to find the perfect balance between the fruity nuances and great aromas of the coffee cherry when roasting. And only when we are satisfied with the result does the coffee get into your hands and mouths.

Coffee should just taste good and not be science or rocket science. It should be just as simple for our guests. In order to get the best out of our roasts for you, we refine all of our carefully selected green coffees in our in-house roastery in the heart of Potsdam Babelsberg. We don't follow every industry hype or 'waves', but use all our experience and passion to get the best taste for you from every single bean.

We are a young specialty coffee roastery and coffee bar in the heart of Potsdam and we are committed to making specialty coffee an enjoyable experience for everyone. Coffee is a specialty and that's how we should treat it. It is our passion to give every single bean and cup the appreciation it deserves and we want to highlight the beauty and diversity of specialty coffee.





Am Bassin 7 14467 Potsdam - City Center Germany

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