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Country: Germany

The gastronomy and hotel industry have been with me for a long time in my life - from training as a hotel manager to positions abroad and consulting in this area.

I discovered my passion for coffee in Italy. There I was allowed to look over the shoulder of the master roaster in a small artisanal roastery. I quickly made up my mind: I wanted to roast coffee myself.

In 2010 I founded BERGBRAND. The name combines my two passions: nature and coffee.

We roast your coffee in the traditional drum roasting process - with a lot of time, love and the highest quality green coffee from the best growing areas in the world.

We obtain these exclusively from green coffee traders who think like us: Sustainable ecological cultivation, fair trade and high quality standards are among our common basic principles.


Every coffee is unique.

With the incentive to develop high-quality products, we roast your coffees with a lot of time and dedication in the classic drum roasting process. We fine-tune a roast profile until the coffee unfolds completely.

You can taste its natural origin from every bean.





Weißgerbergasse 37, 90403 Nürnberg, Germany

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