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Yasart Engineering PLC mechanical coffee washer

Automatic Coffee Processing Machines

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The mechanical coffee washer/ separetor is PA-LAV is a machine to treat coffee immediately after harvesting. It separates the incoming fresh coffee cherries into floaters and sinkers. While sinkers go immediately to pulping floaters are pulped or not depending on the coffee processing needs.

The PA-LAV WASHER/SEPARTOR also cleans the fresh coffee cherries, ensuring a better quality final product. Frist the cherries fell into the vibrating conveyor where sands, earth, stems and leaves are eliminiated, while floates and sinkers are separated by density and flow directly towards the machine separated outflow spouts. The outlet spouts count on draining features to ensure low consumption of water per ton of cherry coffee processed.

Cleaning of fresh cherries is important to ensure good quality dry cherry or parchement coffees

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Yasart Engineering PLC

Country:  Ethiopia

YASART Engineering is a private limited company which made its presence in the Ethiopian market in Year 2005 in the field of Consultancy, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Electromechanical projects mainly in the Pumps, Generators, Industrial Boilers, Coffee Processing Machinery, Medical gas system, and other Food and beverage Industry and Technologies.


We are dedicated to be a dependable and reliable electromechanical supplier and contracting company in Africa by utilizing the best available technology and skilled personnel towards the satisfaction of our valuable customers.


To give A to Z solutions for the products and projects we execute, ensuring on time accomplishment and to the best of customer satisfaction.

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