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Peru is the largest exporter of organic Arabica coffee globally. With extremely high altitudes and fertile soils, the country has great potential for specialty coffees. Farmers in Peru usually process their coffee on their own farms using the fully washed method. Traditionally, smaller farmers would use tarps laid on the ground or under the roof of their homes. In the last 10 years there has been a big improvement in the cup quality, as farmers have received more support through cooperatives. The results have been amazing.

Maximandro Torres Sanchez owns 4 hectares of land in San Antonio, Huabal. He mostly grows catuai variety due to the productivity and cup quality of the variety. This year Maximandro has processed all of his coffee as naturals, which has greatly improved the cup quality and his profitability as a coffee farmer. Maximandro first washes his coffee with fresh water, pre-ferments the cherry overnight and then places it to dry on raised beds. 


Stoll Kaffee

Country:  Switzerland

n 1936, Oskar Stoll founded the Stoll Kaffee company in his parents' house in Seefeld in Zurich. Word quickly got around that Stoll Kaffee stands for excellent quality and the best service. In 1972 the company had grown so much that more space was needed and it moved to Manesseplatz, where Stoll Kaffee is still based today.

Stoll Kaffee has always been a family business that owes its success to the sustainable business ethics that have been passed down from father to son since it was founded. In 2011, Walter Stoll, the third generation owner of Stoll Kaffee, handed the company over to the Amann family. This family, which represents the same values ​​and shares a similar history, has set itself the goal of continuing the Stoll brand as the Stoll family has done over the past decades with so much passion and love for coffee.


Stoll Kaffee has followed the dynamic coffee culture of recent years with great interest and has taken part in how a young and committed community has emerged over the past 20 years, which has its roots in the traditional coffee cultures of Austria, Italy and the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia .

At Stoll Kaffee, 80 years of experience are combined with the latest technology to create a coffee, the quality of which can be tasted and felt in every single cup - whether it is classic Italian-roasted coffee or single-origin roasted beans - the passion for coffee has remained unchanged at Stoll since 1936 .

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