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Stella Di Caffè DCL

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Dual Command Lever replicates the VIPER system to make pressure adjustments throughout the extraction process via levers for each group with an off position and 2 controls of group pressure by allowing pump pressure to be run through the group as needed or allow residual pressure to maintain or subside. Pressure gauge on each group giving instant feedback of the DCL action as each lever is activated. Option to use the standard touch pad with electronic controls or the DCL independently. This gives skilled barista the opportunity to further control their shots or everyday personnel to use the pre-programmed touch pad. Stella di Caffè DCL is available in 2 or 3 groups.



Country:  USA

UNIC USA CORP. is the US branch office of UNIC SAS, the manufacturer of a complete line of professional grade espresso equipment since 1919. We are a proud member of a global team with offices in Tokyo, Japan, Germany, Paris and Nice France.

We hope that you will use our service and support for your current Unic equipment for either parts or technical information by contacting our staff in North America at our email links or by phone and that you may always consider Unic for your future choice for your espresso equipment needs.

It is our mission to ensure your experience with Unic USA will be perceived as simple, cost effective and a benefit to your espresso business.

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