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Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the noble tall plants and comes almost exclusively from small plantations, such as the Wallenford Estate. The small quantities of this type of coffee that come onto the market make it one of the rarest and most expensive coffees in the world. The Japanese buy 90% of the harvest at the highest prices on the world market. As soon as you have drunk a cup of it, you know why it is traded as the Barolo among coffees. Even today, the green coffee is delivered in wooden barrels of 70 kilos and thus sets an example for its specialty. A cup of Blue Mountain is the perfect balance with just the right balance of acidity and sweetness. Its complex fullness can withstand higher dosages. It stays on the palate for a long time and satisfies the highest demands.

SCENT: dark berries, tangerine
AROMA: Peanut, hazelnut, caramel, chocolate


Rast Kaffee

Country:  Switzerland

What is now a coffee roasting company with a long family tradition and of the highest reputation has its origins in a grocery store in the Lucerne suburb of Meggen. Xaver and Anna Rast-Abt opened a grocery store there in November 1918. Their coffee, which at that time had to be roasted outside the home, was known far and wide and thus the family-typical passion for coffee was kindled. Son Xaver jun. Then in 1946 he set up his own, small coffee roastery. In 1948 Elisabeth and Xaver Rast took over the grocery store in Meggen. When Xaver Rast expanded with his company in the city of Lucerne in 1953 and built a new business premises for wholesalers and retailers, it - of course - also found space for a coffee roastery. The in-house coffee sold excellently and the roasting facility was constantly being expanded.

After the takeover in 1978, the brothers Markus and Bernhard Rast carried on the tradition in the third generation with passion. With the introduction of our own coffee concept in 1996, the focus of all business activities continuously shifted towards coffee. Markus and Trudy Rast implemented a consistent strategy and set a clear goal for themselves: to roast the best coffee. In 2005 this led to the abandonment of the retail business and the simultaneous renaming of Rast Lebensmittel AG to Rast Kaffee AG - a logical step. And the beginning of a success story. The Rast family has been roasting coffee for 70 years. The fourth generation of the family business has been run by the two daughters Evelyne and Beatrice Rast and son-in-law Adrian Gisler since mid-2016.

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