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With the introduction of coffee plants in Jamaica by the British, around 1730, the long and fascinating history of the Jamaican Blue Mountain began, which takes its name from the homonymous mountain range that crosses the whole island. It is one of the most complete and balanced Arabica coffees, it has aromas and fragrances of great quality, very sweet with fresh fruity notes, pleasantly acidic and with a chocolaty flavor. Production is limited and this makes it one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

Unlike other coffees transported in jute bags, Blue Mountain is exported in wooden barrels, as if to underline its quality.


Pausa Caffe

Country:  Switzerland

We at Pausa Caffè are a small family-run artisan coffee roaster founded in 2004. Our desire is to offer the customer perfect coffees starting from fine green beans that we roast with a slow and careful technique to guarantee the pleasant final balance.

The roaster's skill lies in his sensitivity. It is an art acquired through experience, passion and attention that ensures that a product of excellent quality is obtained. We always offer fresh coffees with intact taste and aromas thanks to the bag with aroma-saving valve. With the various blends proposed we also want to satisfy the greatest number of palates.

Our relationship with the customer is personalized and we always respond to his needs in a timely and competent way. The attention to detail such as the pleasantness of the packaging and the braille writing are part of our idea of ​​taste for beautiful and well-made things.

In our philosophy there is also the desire to spread the idea that niche products are something special and that “small is beautiful…” and also a little more human. We like to think that people who enjoy a coffee break with family and friends take the time to spend good times with them.

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