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NOTION coffee course Intermediate - 16 hours of lectures, workshops and exercises, after which your barista can pass the SCA examination and receive a document confirming his / her qualifications. What is the benefit of such training? The Barista Skills: Intermediate course is designed to structure existing knowledge, work on mistakes and learn new things for a Barista with at least six months of experience. The course will study such topics as: Features of working with beans of different roasting styles, In-depth understanding of the Chemistry of Coffee, Standards of Hygiene and appearance, Etiquette and sales techniques, Equipment arrangement, History and Culture of Coffee, Chemistry and techniques of working with Milk, Selection of milk for Espresso, Advanced Latte Art, Espresso Diagnostic Techniques, Blending, Roasting Defect Recognition Skills, Advanced Understanding of the Espresso Setup Process, Refractometer Skills, Handling Complex Orders, Handling Difficult Guests, Taste Features of Different Coffee Regions, Effect of Water on Coffee Taste and much more. Also, such events act as activities to strengthen team morale and increase loyalty to management and the place of work. What does the SCA certificate give? The SCA certificate is the only internationally quoted document confirming the qualifications and level of professionalism of a Barista

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