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Controllable pressure profiling in whole process.
Enjoy the fun of gear shifting like driving a racing car.

The unique instantaneous pressurizing and depressurizing technology, combined with the manual control handle, could easily control the pressure. According to the understanding of coffee extraction, the Barista can adjust the extraction pressure of the pre-infusion, the front, the middle and the end stage through the manual control handle, so as to maximize the taste of an espresso.

Based on the test results obtained from different extraction pressure curves, each blend can find a perfect matching curve.

Combined with one-button save and one-button automatic pressure reproduction, the pressure profiling function can finally be truly applied to the daily commercial  operation.

Controllable Pressure Profiling Extraction System

The microprocessor collects data 50 times per second and controls the pressurizing device and depressurizing  device at the same time. It can not only achieve long-term and gradual pre-infusion, but also increase or decrease the extraction pressure (Min. 1.5bar, Max. 9bar) instantaneously (less than 0.5s), and keep it stable.

Thermal Stability

The PID heating system of saturated boiler controlled by microprocessor can ensure the temperature stability in the process of continuous coffee extraction. Each independent brew boiler can accurately set the temperature (the temperature change range is 0.1 ℃ and the measurement tolerance range is less than 0.2 ℃).

Strong & Dry Steam

Independent steam boiler can continuously provide strong and dry steam. Barista can change the humidity and strength of the steam according to the demand.

More Features

 - 304 food grade stainless steel boiler with insulation

 - Independent Gear Pump

 - Healthy water source setting, automatically discharge the continuously heated water in the pipeline every 4 hours during standby

 - Automobile grade paint

 - All stainless steel housing, mirror polished drip tray and cup warm-up tray
 - Customization. The color of the housing, the material of the       manual control handle, the back light slogan and logo can be     customized


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Country:  China

Shanghai Newcoffee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. originated from the Newcoffee Lab, which is a professional team composed of Barista and engineers. It is committed to creating espresso machines that provide the ultimate extraction experience for Barista and bring more intuitive and controllable coffee extraction experience for coffee lovers.

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