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MOKA EFTI 100% Arabica beans

Whole bean coffee

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Our 100% Arabica blend is produced only with the best varieties of Arabica available on the international market. The very sweet and delicate flavor has a fragrant aftertaste despite containing less caffeine than other blends, making it one of the most popular blends by consumers.

Available in grains, it is packaged in a modified atmosphere in heat-sealed bags with aroma-saving valve. In this way you will have the certainty of an aroma preserved for a long time.

Origin : South and Central America, Kenya, Ethiopia.


MOKA EFTI Mendrisio

Country:  Switzerland

It was in 1930 that Angelo Monti with great audacity and entrepreneurial spirit took over Moka Efti , active throughout Europe in the importation and roasting of coffee, in order to develop the distribution of the product throughout the Italian territory and from here thanks to particular attention and targeted investments support exports to Europe as well as to the rest of the world.

After the difficult post-war period, in these years the Moka Efti brand expands throughout the Italian territory in the exclusive context of the HO.RE.CA. , aimed at catering professionals, in which the company has specialized and where greater attention is paid to product quality and service standards.

Angelo is replaced by his son Giorgio. It is thanks to his management of the company that the Moka Efti brand is increasingly consolidated, also reaching the major islands. Not yet satisfied, the entrepreneur decides to conquer the Swiss market and from 1960 he will start selling Moka Efti coffee in Switzerland.

After a few years, a totally independent production company will be established with headquarters in Mendrisio where the Moka Efti coffee is produced, which is then sold on the Swiss territory.

The continuous growth in the Swiss territory in the distribution of Moka Efti coffee to cover all four cantons, led to the doubling of the production plant in Mendrisio in the 2000s , where the workshop was also added and the team dedicated to assistance was implemented. technique of machines for the production of espresso coffee at Moka Efti customers in the Canton of Ticino.
The creation of important consolidated agreements with partners dedicated to the assistance service to equipment for the production of espresso coffee also in the French and Swiss cantons, guarantees Moka Efti customers a prompt assistance in case of need seven days a week, because they are dedicated to Ho.Re.Ca also means being able to solve any technical problem that prevents our. customers to always serve a great product at all times.

The MOCHA EFTI OF Mendrisio , specializes in importing, roasting and selling coffee in the professional Ho.Re.Ca. has become one of the leading brands in this specific sector, throughout the Swiss territory, having agents and collaborators in the main cities dedicated to developing the sales of Moka Efti coffee and above all to providing assistance to our customers in all areas. Green coffee is imported directly from the countries of origin where there are particular relationships of preference with some farms specialized in crops of the highest quality.

For some years we have expanded our offer by entering the sector of single - dose coffee pods and capsules with a wide range of fine blends able to satisfy all palates, with machines for home and office to complete the offer, for those who want to taste a good coffee within the walls of your home or workplace. "

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