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Cultivar Decaf Guatemala

Whole bean coffee

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All of the delicious flavors of a great Guatemalan coffee with none of the caffeine. This coffee has some light berry notes with mild hints of green tea and nuts.

12 oz | Medium Roast

Roast degree Medium
Сafein free No decaf
Cupping Notes Floral, Nutty
Availability In stock

Cumberland Coffee Roasters

Country:  USA

Freshly roasted coffee by the cup or pound from the best coffee roasters in Cumberland County!

We're often encouraged to enjoy the small things in life. Those of us who truly enjoy the complexity that coffee has to offer don't settle for just any coffee. We know that brewing freshly roasted coffee provides the only way to truly enjoy the richness in flavor and aroma that all great cups of coffee have. Cumberland Coffee Roasters is your source for the freshly roasted coffees you truly enjoy. 

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