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Counter Culture Kamavindi

Whole bean coffee

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The words “inspired” and “passionate” do not begin to describe the Mbature family, the owners of the Kamavindi estate. With attention to every detail, they have implemented countless quality innovations that set their third-generation family farm apart from any other farm in the region. This drive and dedication to quality shines through in their coffee with incredible sweetness and the taste of citrus and blackberry.

The Kamavindi farm was established in 1958 by the late John Njiru Mbature during the British colonial rule and has been in the Mbature family ever since. Originally, during the British Colonial rule of Kenya, the farm was limited to 100 coffee trees because of a law that restricted native Kenyans from planting more. In 1961, permission to meagerly increase coffee planting was given, and John Njiru planted an additional 500 trees. Since then, laws have changed, Kenya gained independence in 1963, and the Mbature family has acquired around 20 acres of land and planted more coffee little by little.

Today, the job of running the farm is made possible by the family as a whole. Hellen Weveti acts as the director of the farm, after the passing of longtime farm owner Martin Mbature in 2018. Over the last few years their son, Peter Mbature, has taken on much of the quality and farm management alongside his wife, Gladys. Peter, in particular, has been key to the operational success of the farm and brings a level of inspiration and drive we have not seen in many growers around the world. Lastly, cementing the family operation is Gladwell Wanjira, a daughter of Martin's who is in charge of public relations. We have worked with the family since 2014 and their work remains an inspiration to us and Kamavindi has become a core partnership.

Peter and Gladys are also integral members of Kushikamana, an inspiring group of farmers located in the Eastern and Central regions of Kenya who work together to increase the quality of their coffees. Peter is the Quality Director of Kushikamana.


Roast degree Light
Сafein free No decaf
Process Washed
Cupping Notes Sweet, Sour
Availability In stock
Altitude > 1500 m

Counter Culture Coffee

Country:  USA

We don't just find good coffee, we put in the work and commitment it takes to develop great coffees.

Our approach to sustainability considers social, environmental, and fiscal implications in every decision that we make, whether it regards our operations, our suppliers, or our customers and communities.

Our industry-leading education curriculum, called Counter Intelligence, continues to evolve to help make sure that your staff is confident and skilled to be able to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Our professional support teams are dedicated to helping you meet your coffee business needs and are available when and where you need them. Always.

Great equipment is integral to making great coffee. Our experienced team can tailor recommendations to your needs.

Our Training Centers are extensions of our headquarters—designed to promote learning about coffee within the communities in which our regional staff live and work.

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