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Counter Culture Concepción Huista

Whole bean coffee

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Western Guatemala’s high mountains are home to what are considered some of the most interesting and high-quality coffees in all of Latin America—this is certainly true of the coffee from the CODECH cooperative in Concepción Huista. We focus our sourcing on a few community-based associations within the cooperative that are known for good on-farm processing at high elevations. The resulting coffee pops with notes of cherry and apple with a creamy body.

The Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepción Huista (CODECH) was founded in 1995 as a cooperative for coffee and other products and services. It has grown to include more than 750 members. Coffee is relatively new to this area—at least to small-scale growers—and the majority that CODECH members produce come from trees planted in the past 20 years.


Roast degree Medium
Сafein free No decaf
Process Washed
Cupping Notes Fruity
Availability In stock
Altitude > 1500 m

Counter Culture Coffee

Country:  USA

We don't just find good coffee, we put in the work and commitment it takes to develop great coffees.

Our approach to sustainability considers social, environmental, and fiscal implications in every decision that we make, whether it regards our operations, our suppliers, or our customers and communities.

Our industry-leading education curriculum, called Counter Intelligence, continues to evolve to help make sure that your staff is confident and skilled to be able to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Our professional support teams are dedicated to helping you meet your coffee business needs and are available when and where you need them. Always.

Great equipment is integral to making great coffee. Our experienced team can tailor recommendations to your needs.

Our Training Centers are extensions of our headquarters—designed to promote learning about coffee within the communities in which our regional staff live and work.

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