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This coffee, “Flores del Café”, has an additional bonus that helps women obtain a legal title for their country. These titles give women access to credit and loans.

This coffee, which is made exclusively by women, is the key to the goal of our small farmers' association to improve the quality of life for family members. In Jinotega, women hold only 15% of land titles and are essential to access microloans and loans for manufacturing and other economic activities. It is our goal that these families develop steady sources of income. This changes the entire dynamic of inheritance, as traditionally the father leaves the land to divide it among his sons. It's a small change that requires an educational component in order for these husbands to understand the benefit of their wives having access to diverse resources and contributing to the family's quality of life.


Cafésito Kaffeerösterei

Country:  Germany

The "Cafésito Kaffeerösterei" is an integration project of the OWB Oberschwäbische Werkstätten gem. GmbH, in which people with disabilities enjoy every day anew to participate in everyday life and work. We are committed to this - with information, new ideas and a lot of passion - all in the sense of a fair competitive culture, the ecology and inclusion of our employees.

We are proud to bear the seal of the German Roaster Guild. As a small artisan company, we want to convince you of our offer with quality, fairness and sustainability. And that's why we defend ourselves against the standardization of taste, against price dumping and exploitation. We want to rethink and call for more social justice. This applies to the people who work in coffee growing in the producing countries, as well as to the people here.


Our principles

  • We only order selected state and plantation coffees of the best quality, at a reasonable price in the country of cultivation, whenever possible from controlled organic cultivation.
  • We roast for at least 15 minutes, up to a maximum of 195 ° C in the drum roast, cooling only with air (no water cooling). We grant insight into our craft production at any time.
  • With us, single-variety is also 100% single-variety.
  • We mark our coffee more clearly than German law requires.
  • As part of inclusion, we enable people with disabilities to participate in life and work in our normal everyday life.

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