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Black & Yum Black Diva

Whole bean coffee

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Espresso "Black Diva": This exceptional espresso comes from a hand-picked rarity coffee that we directly import from Sumatra, near Lake Toba. A village community, consisting of 23 small farmers and their families, cultivates and harvests this aromatic miracle with great care and passion. The cultivation height is 1,500 meters.

The extravagance of this pure Arabica with its elemental force and yet gentleness can hardly be put into words. Like a cognac that has been stored in a noble wooden barrel for many decades, it flatters the palate with a wealth of facets and enormous depth. The complex aroma spectacle includes tones from the aroma worlds of fruit, floral, herbs, wood and spices. It ends in a painting of liquorice and a mild, sweet tobacco aroma, as we know it from pipe tobacco.


BLACK & YUM GenussRösterei

Country:  Germany

Really good coffee is an image of inspiring sensual pleasure. A unique universe of pleasure and experience for the gourmet. The wine connoisseur raves about the noble red wine, which plays on the palate with its 450 to 500 aromas. The enthusiasm of the coffee connoisseur and lover, on the other hand, is based on an unbelievable 800 to over 1,000 aromas.
For me, as a trained cook and avowed connoisseur, the encounter and the confrontation with this natural phenomenon were characterized by incredulous amazement and stirring enthusiasm. Specialty coffee took my heart by storm and has determined my professional future ever since.

Under the internationally understandable brand name BLACK & YUM (Schwarz & Lecker), I have been producing roasted coffees of award-winning premium quality since 2008 with the great support of my wonderful wife Petra and a great team of coffee-crazy employees.

Our green coffees come from the best coffee-growing areas around the equator. These include Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, India and Sumatra.


In order to make the traditional craft of coffee roasting tangible for the people in the Münsterland, we have placed our drum roaster in the middle of a small café . A visit directly to the market square in the center of the beautiful old town of Telgte enables you to experience the art of roasting directly. In the café, the guest immerses himself deeply and enjoyably in the aroma world of BLACK & YUM coffees. The palate is pampered with exquisite coffee specialties. The nose is caressed by the bewitching scent of freshly roasted and ground coffee, which fills the entire room.

Of course, the roasted coffees can also be purchased in aroma-protected packaging. Our clientele includes, in addition to a large number of private coffee lovers, the sophisticated gastronomy and companies that want to offer their employees and guests pleasant culinary delights that are memorable.

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