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What Is Cafe Romano & Why Should One Try It?

What Is Cafe Romano & Why Should One Try It?

Cafe Romano is a sort of Roman espresso that has an original taste. The coffee is served with freshly squeezed lemon juice. It has been proven that coffee with citrus positively impacts the nervous system, tonic, and refreshing effect.

How To Make Romano Coffee?

To get this unusual drink, you need to take a few quick and straightforward steps. To make Romano, Italian baristas use traditional espresso with adding lemon juice and some lemon zest. This coffee is served in cone-shaped cups. The obligatory attribute is a saucer with a lemon slice and a piece of sugar on it. In addition, Romano coffee is impossible to imagine without a lemon twist – a narrow strip of citrus peel as a decorative element.

To Make Cafe Romano at home you need:

  • Ground coffee (up to 10 g)
  • Pure water (30 ml)
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice (5 ml)
  • Lemon peel

So, first, you need to make coffee in any convenient way. Then add lemon juice to the cup with the finished drink and decorate it with lemon zest.

Who Benefits From Drinking Coffee With Lemon?

Fans of Romano know that such a combination will not harm a healthy person. Doctors claim that the combination of natural coffee and lemon, on the contrary, is good for health:

  • So, lemon juice somewhat reduces the harmful effects of caffeine. This is important because espresso is one of the leaders in caffeine content. No wonder this type of drink is served in tiny cups.
  • Coffee with lemon juice is recommended for people with low blood pressure and those who suffer from migraines. At the same time, coffee does not narrow blood vessels sharply because lemon juice, as already mentioned, neutralizes caffeine. The drink has a milder effect on blood vessels.
  •  It is helpful to drink coffee with lemon to those who need to cheer up quickly. Espresso Romano boosts your workability so that you’d better enjoy it in the morning or the afternoon.

Lemon espresso can only be made with natural coffee. The instant drink has nothing to do with real Romano.