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Vietnamese company designing face masks made of coffee


ShoeX Founder Thanh Le emphasizes that AirX is not only helping to stop COVID-19 spread, but also help to protect the ecology. 

The number of face masks and other medical wastes generated during the pandemic is very high and already influencing the environment. ShoeX says that during coronavirus pandemic people in Mainland China using 116 million tonnes of masks every day. At the peak of the epidemic, Wuhan hospitals made about 240 tonnes of medical wastes every single day. The vast majority of Hong Kong's 7.4 million population wears single-use masks on daily basis to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. 

AirX can be used much more than once which makes them eco-friendly. These masks use dual antibacterial technology for two layers of protection which makes them antimicrobial with 99.99 percent efficiency. Masks have a biodegradable filter made of silver and coffee and can be replaced after 30 days. 

AirX key feature is its effectiveness combined with 100% vegan components and relatively cheap price. Environmental problems today are very concerning. More and more people choosing green eco-friendly production. AirX is ready for mass production and can make up to 10,000 masks every day.