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New 2021 Certified Commercial Equipment Program from SCA


"This program evaluates wide specter of machinery, from commercial coffee brewers and espresso machines to various grinders to make sure that they have been created properly to provide quality and precision control to baristas regardless of whether they are competing on the stage or working behind the bar table in the small café", explained coffee industry membership organization in the recent announcement tied to program launch. 

You can find the whole application with all specific values for each product category here.

One of the most important parts of the new commercial equipment program is updated requirements for use and sponsorship claims in SCA-sanctioned coffee events. Previous certification requirements weren't changed since 2004. 

"All equipment submitted to take part in the World Coffee Championship will be tested by industry experts to clarify if it meets the new standards. Passing this test will be mandatory to get qualified category sponsorships for the World Coffee Championships," emphasized the working group. 

The SCA also has a list of certified home brewers which are updated regularly and serves as a useful reference for both coffee consumers and equipment marketers. But for the chance to get product category sponsorships in the 2022-24 World Coffee Championships, equipment must pass the certification test first.