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Exclusive coffee-drinking culture of Australia



Here in Australia, people know the right value-for-money ratio. Coffee culture here completely changed over the last decades, making Australia one of the most progressive coffee-drinking cultures in the world. While people in most other countries just drink a cup of coffee in the morning and call it a day, Australians storm their local cafes for a hot shot of espresso several times a day.

There is no evidence of planting coffee beans in Australia before British colonization but after that local coffee culture was not so different from other countries. But with time British espresso culture here shaped into completely new forms of coffee drinking.

It's extremely hard to name the best coffee places in Australia because there are a lot of them. The Workshop is believed to be the most popular and successful one in terms of coffee making and the science behind it. But if you are looking for the best customer experience then Kaffeine and Lantana will be your choice. The Ozone coffee shop is also worth mentioning because it is very popular in Australia though technically it's located in neighboring New Zealand. 

Australians love to enjoy specialty coffee after a long day of work and shops like Coffee Alchemy and Proud Mary provide them with such a happy opportunity. Fun fact: Starbucks positioned itself like truly American in its customer approach and as a result hasn't performed that well here.

Australian's passion for coffee is comparable to their love for good dinner, sunny beaches and a vivid style of life. Due to the latest survey, more than 19 million Australians know how good coffee tastes and consume at least one cup of coffee per day. Moreover, 23% of them say they are not ready for work before drinking their morning coffee.